An Eerie Peek Inside the Remains of the Titanic

You've seen the sonar image of the Titanic's remains. Now, the video: here's an eerie peek inside the debris of the most famous ship in history, shot by Expedition Titanic's new underwater remotely operated vehicle. Watch the chilling footage inside. » 8/31/10 5:00am 8/31/10 5:00am

The Sonar Image Of The Titanic's Debris Field Is Bigger Than Expected

The first sonar images of the Titanic have been mapped and the ship's debris field is much larger than scientists anticipated. Here's what the dots in the sonar image is actually showing. » 8/28/10 8:00pm 8/28/10 8:00pm

The Titanic Gets Its Most Thorough Scan Ever

The RMS Titanic has been sitting on the ocean floor since 1912, but scientists think we've only really surveyed 50% of the wreckage. A new expedition, using the most cutting-edge imaging technology available, will "virtually raise" the entire ship. » 8/19/10 5:00pm 8/19/10 5:00pm