This Tower Exists Solely for Dropping Things

The 475-foot "drop tower" in Bremen, Germany, is not a rocket disguised as a building, but a giant hollow tube used for experimentally dropping things—letting go of objects, watching them plummet toward the ground, and using those nearly 10 seconds of free-fall as a way to study the effects of weightlessness. » 10/01/13 5:20pm 10/01/13 5:20pm

Watch How Silly People's Reaction Times Are in Slow Motion

This is fantastic. Distort measured people's reaction time by making them catch a falling ruler to see how quickly (or slowly) their brains can translate what they see into what they do. Putting the video to slow motion emphasizes how silly our reaction times can be. Some of us are so slow we might not even catch the… » 7/05/13 9:00pm 7/05/13 9:00pm

Craig Ferguson and Elmo Conduct Possibly the Cutest Experiment Ever

This is the REAL Elmo, mind you. For your consideration, comedian Craig Ferguson and Elmo explain the word "Experiment" and act it out to terribly cute effect. Because this JUST the way you start your day. Good morning, scientific method! [The Mary Sue] » 9/20/11 9:40am 9/20/11 9:40am

Science Museum Seeking Human Subject for Monthlong Exhibit

If the thought of you sleeping in a museum by yourself for a month isn't the stuff anxiety attacks are made of, then perhaps you're just who Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is looking for.

The MSI is accepting applicants for its 30 day "Month at the Museum" project, during which one lucky (?) subject will have… » 7/20/10 6:20pm 7/20/10 6:20pm

New High-Def Home Video From The Edge of Space

This amazing video was shot by a Canon Vixio-HF camcorder attached to a hydrogen balloon launched by a small group of Edmonton radio enthusiasts on August 24. It's believed to be the first amateur video taken at 107,145 feet. » 9/24/09 7:35am 9/24/09 7:35am

Homemade Experiments with Aerogel, the World's Lightest Solid

Jason Wells got to toy around with a few blocks of Aerogel, the fantastically light ( and fantastically expensive » 8/26/08 8:10pm 8/26/08 8:10pm) material made famous by its use as insulation in NASA spacecraft like the Mars Rover. Using just everyday materials from his house, he managed to test the futuristic product's strength, optical properties, …