Awesome video shows what it must be like to control and break gravity

Can you imagine if you had a knob you can turn to sway gravity whichever way you like it? Clemen Wirth’s imaginative experimental video, Gravity, just does that. Water can be poured upwards, paint can drip sideways, flying balloons can fly down and the whole world can be bent in any shape you want. It’d be such a… »4/21/15 2:30am4/21/15 2:30am

Plastic Motor Powered Directly By Light, No Solar Middleman Necessary

Professor Tomiki Ikeda, along with his research team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a plastic motor that runs on direct light. Unlike solar power, there is no need for storing energy before conversion. The motor can achieve this feat thanks to a plastic compound containing azobenzene which… »7/23/08 6:20pm7/23/08 6:20pm