25 Bizarre Aircraft That Don't Look Like They Should Fly

Aerospace engineers have come up with some revolutionary forward-thinking amazing straight-up insane designs. Sometimes these dreams never make it off the drawing board, but sometimes—some wonderful times—they become real. And when these alien bodies lift off into the firmament, it's like watching a spaceship… » 1/22/13 9:40am 1/22/13 9:40am

Plastic Motor Powered Directly By Light, No Solar Middleman Necessary

Professor Tomiki Ikeda, along with his research team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a plastic motor that runs on direct light. Unlike solar power, there is no need for storing energy before conversion. The motor can achieve this feat thanks to a plastic compound containing azobenzene which… » 7/23/08 6:20pm 7/23/08 6:20pm