Ancient Earth Got a Galactic Golden Shower

A large part of gold's allure is its rarity. Even so, it's still 1000 times more abundant on Earth than it should be. Boffins at University of Bristol now have an explanation for this phenomenon: it came from ouuuuter spaaaaaace! » 9/10/11 4:00pm 9/10/11 4:00pm

Japan's Nuclear Problem Explained in an Easy to Understand Video

The Japanese Nuclear situation at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is ongoing and ever-changing but if you were curious at how and what happened to cause such problems, this NHK video serves as a great explainer (it's easy to understand, too). The video details the three safety precautions created to cool the nuclear… » 3/16/11 12:40pm 3/16/11 12:40pm

So What the $*@% Is Aquos Net?

Aquos Net was just announced at Sharp's press conference. Many of their better LCDs will feature the service. Connecting through an ethernet jack, users will be able to download (supported) widgets. Users can then connect live to technical support through their TVs, with conveniences like never reaching their necks… » 1/06/08 3:46pm 1/06/08 3:46pm