It's Ridiculously Easy to Troll Google Maps With Fake Listings

Trust the listings you find on Google Maps? You shouldn't, because it's dumb easy to fake them. That's what Google Maps exploiter Bryan Seely demonstrated for me this morning. And while trolling politicians with dick jokes is never not funny, there's also a whole sub-community of scammers turning Google Map's little… » 2/26/14 1:23pm 2/26/14 1:23pm

Crazy New Exploit Can Brick Samsung Phones or Steal All Their Data

Got a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Maybe a Galaxy Note? Well listen up because there's a new boogeyman on the loose. According to a thread at XDA Developers, there's an exploit out there that can let Android malware apps get at all your physical memory, for the purposes of stealing your data or deleting it or whathaveyou. » 12/16/12 2:06pm 12/16/12 2:06pm

Tumblr's Getting Massively Hacked Right Now (But There's an Easy Fix)…

Don't panic. You might have trouble finding GIFs to describe your feelings for a little bit, because there's a exploit spreading on Tumblr that's effectively shutting down your favorite sites. And, if you so much as click on the wrong post, shutting down your own. » 12/03/12 11:06am 12/03/12 11:06am

That Twitter Exploit Patch Brought Some Neat New Features Along With It

Twitter was going nuts this morning with a fresh exploit that had people inadvertently retweeting spam links left and right, but thankfully Twitter was quick to patch things up. And as it happens their fix didn't just fix things, it improved them: the patch brought Reply to All and Auto-Complete features to the » 9/21/10 12:57pm 9/21/10 12:57pm

Your iPhone Will Be Safe From Random Hijackings By Tomorrow (Update:…

According to British carrier O2, Apple will be issuing an update this weekend to fix an SMS exploit that could conceivably allow any jerk with enough know-how to bulk-hijack iPhones. It's an admirably quick fix to a comically terrible problem. » 7/31/09 10:49am 7/31/09 10:49am

Winning Pwn2Own Hacker: Macs Are Safer Than PCs

Charlie Miller, the security expert whose meticulously crafted exploit took over a MacBook through Safari in 10 seconds at the Pwn2Own hacking competition, says that Macs are in fact safer than Windows. Oh boy. » 3/26/09 8:00pm 3/26/09 8:00pm

Windows Vista Pwned By Web Exploit That Can't Be Stopped

Presenters at Black Hat revealed that most, if not all, of Windows Vista's security features can be taken out with a single browser exploit, using Java and .NET to execute malicious code. What really makes this a killer, is that it is based around Vista's fundamental architecture, not a specific security flaw, and can… » 8/08/08 4:30pm 8/08/08 4:30pm