The restored HD video of the Atlas missile explosion is amazing to watch

The guys at AtomCentral uploaded this video depicting the failed test of the Atlas missile back in 1961. The footage—scanned to HD from the original film—shows the rocket exploding in an epic and mesmerizing slow motion that would make Michael Bay drool. » 3/30/15 6:53am Yesterday 6:53am

Spectacular video of a missile blowing up a Norwegian Navy frigate

Impressive video of a new Norwegian Naval Strike Missile tested off the coat of Andøya, in northern Norway: The 400-pound, four-meter-long, 150-kilometer-range weapon hit and blew up the frigate KNM Trondheim. » 11/24/14 1:00pm 11/24/14 1:00pm

Terrifying New Close-Up Camera Footage of the Antares Rocket Explosion

Fireworks launch malfunction causes massive explosion

The explosions caused by this malfunctioning fireworks launching mechanism were so big and the noise so deafening that they could make Michael Bay proud. Beware of your volume level. » 11/14/14 8:07am 11/14/14 8:07am

The Wallops Island launch facility, viewed from the air the day after the Orbital Science Antares rocket exploded right after liftoff. The photo was taken by the Wallops Incident Response Team on Wednesday October 29th. [NASA/Terry Zaperach] » 10/30/14 8:15am 10/30/14 8:15am

The Antares Explosion Looked Even Worse From a Plane

The launch failure of Orbital Science's Antares last night spurred a shockingly huge fireball—rocket fuel can do that. But here's a perspective only a few people witnessed: The explosion from 3,000 feet up. To paraphrase the pilot who filmed it, HOLY COW. » 10/29/14 9:44am 10/29/14 9:44am

100 tons of TNT, one really cool explosion shock wave

Today I learned that scientists blow up 100 tons of TNT in the middle of nowhere not just for the fun of it, but to listen to the blast. The Comprehensive Nuclear‑Test‑Ban Treaty Organization sets microphones thousands of miles away to listen to low frequency waves produced by these TNT explosions. » 6/27/14 12:55pm 6/27/14 12:55pm

Watch a Barn Get Turned to Toothpicks by 164lbs of Tannerite

Ka-boom. Clearing fields of mines with rockets is probably one of the most spectacular military duties you can be assigned with. In this photo, taken two weeks ago near Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province, Afghanistan, you can see an M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle–and the huge ball of fire that its MICLIC rockets caused… » 5/13/14 6:52am 5/13/14 6:52am

Explosion destroys tree that fell on a high voltage line

This tree fell on a high voltage line and was then blown up with detonation cord, shattering it into fragments in a highly satisfying explosion. The action was over in seconds and the deadwood blasted into conveniently transportable sections. » 5/09/14 5:16am 5/09/14 5:16am

Terrifying slow motion video of a missile that never misses its target

No matter how fast you're driving, no matter the weather conditions, if someone fires a Brimstone missile from a MQ-9 Reaper drone and you're the target, you're dead. This slow-motion test compilation shows its terrifying precision and the destruction that follows. Just look at that shockwave moving. » 5/08/14 11:35am 5/08/14 11:35am

And now one freakin' huge explosion

One freakin' goddamn huge explosion at some open-pit mine or a road construction or who knows what. Don't know, don't care: It's a freakin' huge explosion. That's all, people. Enjoy. » 4/19/14 5:48pm 4/19/14 5:48pm

The luckiest deer in the world

If you thought you had problems with the snow, be happy that at least the snow—and the ground itself—is not exploding under your feet, like it happened to this deer. I can't believe he survived that one. Watch the video, because it's even better. » 2/13/14 8:05pm 2/13/14 8:05pm

Holy Shit, This Is What Happens When a Fireworks Factory Explodes

Early yesterday morning, a fireworks factory near Granada, Colombia apparently exploded, blowing up five separate warehouses used to store gunpowder. If you've ever needed a reason not to play with fireworks—this is it. » 1/06/14 1:42pm 1/06/14 1:42pm

Watch the Crazy Aftermath of a Drone Crashing Next to a Florida Highway

So remember how traffic was pretty bad in Florida yesterday? You know, because of an unmanned drone unexpectedly spiraling down from the heavens and blowing up next to US 98 Highway by Tyndall Air Base? Well, there's video now—or at least of the aftermath. And they were not kidding about that smoke cloud. » 7/18/13 12:29pm 7/18/13 12:29pm

Holy Crap It's Good This Airplane Wasn't Flying When Its Engine Exploded

Yesterday this Airbus A330 was zipping down the runway of Manchester Airport, UK, ready to take off and head to the Dominican Republic. And then, holy crap, its engine exploded. » 6/25/13 6:54am 6/25/13 6:54am

The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials That Will Make the Future Safer

When a bomb explodes, you can't outmaneuver it; you probably can't even take cover quickly enough to protect yourself. Instead, you have to hope that there's something—anything—already in the way that can shield you from the blast. Here are five of the best future bomb-proof materials that could end up saving lives in… » 4/17/13 12:00pm 4/17/13 12:00pm

Russian Meteorite Exploded With "30 Times the Energy Released by the…

Following last week's meteorite explosion, scientists have finally had chance to sit down and figure out exactly what happened—and the results help explain why it shook Russia so hard. » 2/19/13 6:53am 2/19/13 6:53am

Congress Plans to Hold Hearings Over Our Little Asteroid Problem

In case you felt like the Armageddon simulation we've been living in wasn't realistic enough already, Congress's Science, Space, and Technology Committee will soon hold a hearing "to examine ways to better identify and address asteroids that pose a potential threat to Earth." Cue Aerosmith. » 2/15/13 5:03pm 2/15/13 5:03pm

25 of the Deadliest Explosions Man Ever Made

Everybody likes to watch explosions. Come on, admit it: You like looking at enormous blasts on You Tube because they simultaneously thrill you and yet make you feel safer and more cautious in your tiny little life. OK, maybe I am projecting a little. But who cares. Whether they're the result of war, science, freak… » 1/17/13 9:00am 1/17/13 9:00am