Dash Express GPS Full Drive Review: Total Traffic Terminator

We've been ranting about this internet-connected Dash Express GPS for months. Over the past week, we were given the opportunity to test it out for ourselves on both coasts, over a thousand miles, through intense city driving in SF and NY and road trips into the wilds. It's the real deal, delivering out of the box the… »3/27/08 1:27am3/27/08 1:27am

Dash Launches Express on Amazon, Drops Price to $400

These days, all but the most high-end (that is, overpriced) Garmin nuvis cost below $600, so it's great news that Dash—that fascinating experiment in "connected" GPS—has lowered the price of the Express from $600 to $400, and is selling them immediately on If you pre-ordered, fear not: You will only be… »3/26/08 10:46pm3/26/08 10:46pm

The Secret to Dash GPS's Live Traffic Data: Networked Crowdsourcing

We're excited about the upcoming Dash Express GPS because it corrects so much of what's gone wrong with in-car navigation. In the end, you get the same green, yellow and red traffic indicators on highways that Google maps gets, plus that on some local roads. No other GPS has this. Because each unit is basically a… »3/19/08 9:00pm3/19/08 9:00pm

Miglia TVMini HD Express Gives Your Mac Another Take at Slingbox

The Miglia TVMini HD Express allows you to enjoy digital TV broadcasts on your Mac, with complete playback control. Retailing at $99, the package also contains The Tube software, which will allow you to take full control of your digital TV experience, by offering a handy UI for organization of recorded content.… »3/16/08 2:45pm3/16/08 2:45pm

Dash Express Video and Deets: Internet Connected GPS for $599

The big news today is that the eagerly anticipated Dash Express—that GPS that is internet connected for traffic data download and upload and all sorts of live data—is available for pre-order for $599 with three months of net service. After that, the data link will cost $10 to $13 monthly on top of that. Pricey to be… »12/17/07 12:00am12/17/07 12:00am