PSP 3000 Actually Has Same Battery Life as the Current PSP

Originally, it was believed that the battery life of the PSP 3000 would be worse » 9/03/08 5:30pm 9/03/08 5:30pm than the original, but Gamespot has learned from Sony that it will actually be the same (about 4 to 6 hours for games and about 4 to 5 hours for UMD videos). While the does require more power, Sony has compensated by reducing the power…

Sony Discontinues PSP Extended Battery Pack

PSP Fanboy just learned that Sony's discontinuing their 2200mAh PSP battery pack, an official aftermarket addon that would allow you to game for up to 12 hours or so. What's the deal? We're not sure, but someone from Sony said they're looking at other ways to "service the consumer," which might say to us that they're… » 8/09/08 12:30pm 8/09/08 12:30pm