SanDisk Snuffs TakeTV, Leaves No Trace of Fanfare

Poor TakeTV. This past Fall, it launched just ahead of the flood of media extenders that bring PC content to the TV. And while many felt it worked decently, it couldn't keep up with the big dogs in the end as Sandisk confirmed today they killed the TakeTV line...in mid-May. Additionally, they shut down the Fanfare… » 6/06/08 8:29pm 6/06/08 8:29pm

Microsoft Media Extender Platform Relaunched With 802.11n, DivX and Xvid Support

Probably the only Media Extender hardware most people are aware of is the Xbox 360, and with everyone and their mom getting into the set-top box game, it's time Microsoft re-juiced the stagnating platform. Renamed "Extenders for Window Media Center" (okay?) the new platform will debut on hardware from Linksys, D-Link… » 9/06/07 4:30am 9/06/07 4:30am