1.5TB FreeAgent XTreme Anchors Onslaught of Stylish Seagate Hard Drives

That there is the grandpappy of those leaked Seagate hard drives » 9/15/08 12:01am 9/15/08 12:01am, the 3.5-inch, 7200RPM, 1.5TB FreeAgent XTreme. It connects via USB 2.0, FireWire 400 or eSATA, the latter of which transfers files at a blazing 3GBit/second. Available in October, the $300 LED-filled drive comes in three more sizes starting at $160 for…

Brando's New Cartridge-Style HDD Dock Goes Full Multimedia Player

Clearly one to take a good idea and run with it, Brando has just come up with this new cartridge-style HDD dock that also acts as a media player. So via its s-video and composite sockets you can stream audio, pictures, and video (including divx, with subtitles) to TV and it even has a remote. It takes 2.5-inch or… » 7/10/08 5:31am 7/10/08 5:31am

Hardbox External Hard Drive Hides Your Illiteracy With a Book Called…

This Hardbox enclosure from Korean company Sarotech looks even more book-like than the Western Digital MyBook drives that have been around for a few years. There are two status indicator lights on the front, behind which sits 3.5-inch SATA drives that connect to your PC via USB. It's great for hiding the fact that you… » 5/12/08 6:10pm 5/12/08 6:10pm

External HD Concept Helps You Visualize Your Data Usage

This external hard drive concept entitled "IVY" adds an interesting new aesthetic to a plain old drive via an OLED screen that visualizes the content of the hard disk. Inspired by Sequoiaview visualization software, IVY starts out life as a rather plain-looking disk. As you fill it up, the design changes in sync with… » 12/17/07 7:40pm 12/17/07 7:40pm

Thanko Goes Nuts, Releases Two Products That Aren't Insane

What's going on here, Thanko? I thought we could count on you to make crazy USB Ear Microscopes, Ass Coolers, and Air Purifier Masks? What's this about making an LCD arm mount and a fingerprint-protected USB drive? These things have no style! No pizazz! No THANKO! Get it together, guys. For the sake of all humanity.[… » 7/20/07 12:40pm 7/20/07 12:40pm

Seagate's High-Fashion External Hard Drives

Ever-growing Seagate has become the emperor of the hard drive world, and now its external drives sport some fancy new clothes. The company that got rich building unglamorous SCSI drives for server farms has gone high-fashion with Its FreeAgent line of drives sporting "cocoa-black" casings and "molten-amber" lights.… » 1/07/07 8:15pm 1/07/07 8:15pm

Dealzmodo: 300GB External Hard Drive, $130 Out-the-door

Okay, I know, I know. I've been filling up these Dealzmodos with mail-in-rebates lately, so I decided I would divert away from that and find a solid deal without any BS mail-in-rebates. I found one for an external hard drive, but unfortunately the hard drive is a Maxtor. Honestly, I've never had a problem with Maxtor… » 9/20/06 11:50am 9/20/06 11:50am