Seagate Showcase 1TB DVR Extender Records 12 HD Streams at Once (Now…

Seagate is taking their first crack at external DVR storage with the Showcase line of HDDs. The Showcase drives range in size from 250GB to 1TB, work with both eSATA and USB connections, and can record a whopping 12 HD streams simultaneously. For now, Motorola cable boxes are the only ones compatible with the… » 5/19/08 7:59am 5/19/08 7:59am

Dealzmodo: 320GB Seagate External HDD, $100

I usually shy away from TigerDirect deals because their mail-in-rebates are pretty hit-and-miss, but this deal is straight up, no rebates. The 320GB Seagate drive has an 8MB buffer memory, and up to 480MB/s transfer speed. It also connects via USB 2.0. » 4/05/07 6:15pm 4/05/07 6:15pm

I-O Data 2TB External Hard Disk

Mmmmm, digital storage. Made up of four 7200rpm, 500GB hard disks, this two TB external drive can store all those movies you took of booth babes at E3. In fact, it can probably store this year, last year, and all the years back to when E3 first opened. Of course back then, John Carmack and John Romero making out in a… » 5/17/06 9:18pm 5/17/06 9:18pm