Holy crap, the new Mad Max looks absolutely amazing

I don't know if the new Mad Max: Fury Road is going to be good or bad. All I know is that the trailer is pure eye candy made of real brutal stunts, crazy camerawork, and a varnish of pitch-perfect digital effects. It really looks amazing. I think I'm ready for yet another 80s revival film, despite the lack of Tina… »7/28/14 9:59pm7/28/14 9:59pm


Hallucinogenic Eye Candy USB Lollies Take Your Brain to That Special Place, For Real

Mmm, mind-bending USB lollipops, the "delicious new confectionary uses cutting edge Sensory Substitution Technology to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind's eye." Wait, what? Tripping via USB? Shockingly, it might actually be legit. It may seem like a total sham (and the "email for availability" link on the… »8/28/08 1:50pm8/28/08 1:50pm