Multitaskers Beware: This Service Makes You Focus On One Thing

Online instructional courses or web training can be boring. So that's where any distraction ever comes in. Learning! But the online training company Mindflash is offering a new feature for their iPad services that ensures actual focus and participation. No reading Gizmodo allowed. » 8/18/13 11:28am 8/18/13 11:28am

These Gaze-Sensitive Garments Move When They're Looked At

Staring at another person's clothing is generally considered rude—in fact, the mere concept of gaze has its own history and critical literature. But in this particular case, it’s recommended: These two dresses, by Montreal designer Ying Gao, aren’t really complete unless someone is staring at them. » 6/24/13 6:10pm 6/24/13 6:10pm

I Just Controlled Windows 8 With My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in…

» 1/08/12 9:24pm 1/08/12 9:24pm

Windows 8 has a gorgeous Metro and finger friendly swipe-y interface that's perfectly fine but so 2011. All I want in my life in 2012 is Tobii, a company that's made the future possible: you control Windows 8 with your eyes. Seriously, it knows exactly what you're looking at when you're looking at it. It's… » 1/08/12 9:24pm 1/08/12 9:24pm

A Screen That Tracks Your Eye Movements So You Can Never Look Away

Students from the University of Texas have built a screen that you can't ever look away from because it follows your eye's every move. Seriously! An eye-tracking camera tracks where your eye is looking and the motorized pico-projector shoots out the display to that target. If you glance off to the right, the screen… » 5/02/11 4:40pm 5/02/11 4:40pm