The Future of Active Eyewear: An Interview With Oakley's R&D Division

The pinnacle achievement in active eyewear was once simply making a pair of sunglasses that were light and wouldn't shatter into your eyeballs. While that's still important, technology has obviously progressed. So what is the future, exactly? Heads-up displays? Augmented reality? Cybernetic retinal implants? » 3/19/14 4:40pm 3/19/14 4:40pm for iPad: Test Glasses on Your Virtual Head Before You Buy

We've become a lazy, lazy people. If there's two things that really bring us together, it's an irrational demand for instant gratification and a desire to have as little face-to-face interaction as is humanly possible. Now on the one hand, this is probably the beginning of society's grand demise. But on the other,… » 7/22/13 6:00pm 7/22/13 6:00pm

Vuzix AV310: The First Ever Widescreen Video Goggles

Back in June, our own Brian Lam did a Battlemodo between two high-res video goggles » 9/16/08 3:20pm 9/16/08 3:20pm. During that review he noted "I do wish they came in 16:9 versions, but the 4:3 ratio is probably more practical." Well, is going to put that to the test with their new AV310 goggles. They claim that it is the first video eyewear to…

Convertible Glasses Give You Two Styles in One

If you are as blind as I am, you have probably noticed that glasses are outrageously expensive. Naturally, that means that style often takes a back seat to price when picking up frames. The "Switch Glasses" concept by Hyo-Jong Kim aims to change all that with lenses that can be spun around for two distinct looks. » 11/19/07 6:00pm 11/19/07 6:00pm