EyeClops Night Vision Goggles, My Secret Manhunt Weapon

The EyeClops Night Vision goggles let you see in total darkness using infrared lights, all while giving you that special Terminator look. Two attachments allow visibility 10 or 20 feet ahead—the 10-footers give off no light, the 20s show some small red dots. I tried them on in a pitch black room and saw every poster… »2/19/08 7:00am2/19/08 7:00am

New EyeClops Adds Enhanced Zoom, Bug Sucking Vacuum

We just saw the EyeClops lineup for 2008, and it seems your days of magnifying everything in sight just got more fun (not to mention, much grosser). The next-gen EyeClops looks like last year's model but comes with three different zoom lenses, so you can see what your zits look like in 100x, 200x, or 400x. Joining the… »2/18/08 10:35am2/18/08 10:35am

EyeClops Portable Microscope Lets You Zoom In On Whatever You Want

If you want to get a nice close-up view of bugs, the innards of gadgets or boogers, this EyeClops Portable Microscope could do the trick for you. Rather than forcing you to stick your eye up to an eyepiece, it's got an LCD screen on board. It also comes with a thumb drive for storing your most exciting shots and then… »1/18/08 3:45pm1/18/08 3:45pm