These Vein-Spotting Smart Glasses Will Give Medics X-Ray Vision

Few medical instruments evoke the stomach-churning dread that needles do, especially when finding the vein takes multiple stabs. But thanks to a new wearable trans-dermal imaging system from Evena Medical, even neophyte nurses will be able to tap your veins without turning your arms into pin cushions. » 11/20/13 1:40pm 11/20/13 1:40pm

Chi Lin's Liquid-Cooled LED Projector Has 6-Year Lamp Life, Expertly Renders Rich Blackness of David Hasselhoff's Eyes

Taiwanese OEM Chi Lin is claiming the world's first liquid-cooled, LED-lit 1080p projector here at CEDIA using TI's latest DLP chipset. The liquid-cooled RGB LED light source is rated at 50,000 hours-5.7 years of continuous runtime-and spits out 128% of NTSC's color set and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio at sizes up to… » 9/04/08 1:38pm 9/04/08 1:38pm

Eyes On the Mitsubishi HC4900U, Cheapest 1080p Projector in the World

How much 1080p projector can you get for $1995? We took a close look at the Mitsubishi HC4900U, selling for $2495 with a $500 rebate until the end of this month (but company reps whisper that might go on indefinitely), and are happy to report that you get your money's worth with the lowest-priced 1080p projector in… » 1/10/08 3:43am 1/10/08 3:43am

Sanyo PLC-XL50, Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sanyo's PLC-XL50 is an ultra short throw LCD projector we've been waiting to see in the flesh for some time. Why? It can create an 80-inch image from just three inches away. That's insane, and seeing the effect in person with six projectors running in tandem, some on the floor and some on the wall, really is something… » 1/07/08 1:14pm 1/07/08 1:14pm