ezGear Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitar Stand Costs More Than Regular Guitar Stands

At $15.99, this ezGear Guitar Hero stand is actually more expensive than some regular guitar stands—we bought a bass one for only $9.99—so we're not sure why you would go with this instead of a real stand. However, it is a happy medium between the all out super stand we reviewed last week and just propping up your… »4/28/08 2:23pm4/28/08 2:23pm

Flying Saucer Surge Protector Keeps All Plugs Separate

There have been many solutions to the problem of fat AC adapters clogging up your surge protectors (like this), but this ezSpace UFO flying saucer protector from ezGear looks like it can actually be filled with all AC adapters without colliding. The secret is that it's pretty huge and shaped like an flipped-over bowl,… »12/19/07 5:40pm12/19/07 5:40pm