F-Cup Breast-Enlarging Pudding is Cheaper, Less Effective Than Surgery

Remember the F-Cup Breast-Enhancing cookies and tea we found a while back? Well, the company that makes them keeps on bringing the incredible innovations, this time with "F-Cup Pudding." Yes, it's pudding that promises to add a bit more jello jiggle to your boobs . It tastes like Mango, for what it's worth. Click the… »1/06/08 12:55pm1/06/08 12:55pm


F Cup Tea Promises That Their Herbs Will Go Straight to Your Boobs

Ladies, are you self-conscious about your breasts? Do you think they need to be bigger to get you attention from guys—or at least from guys like Adam Frucci? Well, you could have expensive and gross really awesome breast implant surgery, or you could just grab some F Cup tea from Japan. These sure-to-be-effective tea… »8/29/07 12:44am8/29/07 12:44am