The Doomed TV Adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle Was Just Undoomed

Ever since it was announced that the vaguely named IM Global Television would turn Kurt Vonnegut’s classic science fiction satire Cat’s Cradle into a TV series, I have been dreading it. Oh, I love Vonnegut’s bleak novel, but I was 100 percent certain no one could transform the slim, wonderful, esoteric book into… »11/19/15 11:27am11/19/15 11:27am


New FLIR Security Camera Turns Hours Of Footage Into Bite-Sized Clips

A security camera is a useful tool for providing evidence when something obvious happens in your home, but what’s happening during all the other hours it records that you simply don’t have time to watch every night? FLIR’s new FX Wi-Fi camera uses intelligent motion tracking to create a simultaneous replay of… »4/07/15 11:32am4/07/15 11:32am

Watch the Spooky New High-Tech Ghosts at Disney World's Haunted Mansion

The imagineers at Disney World recently made the dangerous decision to fiddle with Haunted Mansion, one of the park's finest attractions, reworking the holographic hitchhiking ghosts that appear to join you in your car as you leave the ride. But wait!, you say. Stop! It's not broke! Don't fix it! Normally I would… »4/06/11 10:40am4/06/11 10:40am

Exclusive: How Tron: Legacy Starred a Young Jeff Bridges

If you're a Jeff Bridges fan, Tron: Legacy was a double dose of awesomesauce. But how on earth did they turn back the clock on the Dude to get a young Clu running the show? While I wish there were a fountain of youth—or some sort of Mission Impossible-style mask?—the time-bending technique is revealed in this… »4/04/11 4:40pm4/04/11 4:40pm

A Brief and Wonderful History of Hollywood Special Effects

From the earliest cartoon dinosaurs to stop-motion to CGI to today's eye-gouging 3D, Time guides us through a tour of the major milestones in over a century's worth of special effects achievements. Even The Parent Trap gets some much-deserved love. And who knows? Maybe studying up here will help out with that Oscar… »2/25/11 6:40pm2/25/11 6:40pm

Brando's Portable Disco Lights Do it Psychedelically with Lasers

Laser beams plus funky light patterns plus party: sounds like a winning combo. It certainly looks that way for this Brando gadget: the green laser light spewing from it can be tweaked into a number of impressive patterns (diffraction grating, anyone?) And though it doesn't look like it reacts to music, the shifting,… »6/23/08 7:41am6/23/08 7:41am

Gateway Budget Gaming Desktop Gets 45nm Quad-Core Refresh

It's been a few months since CES, so Gateway is rightly updating its FX budget gaming desktops with some fresher chips. Most notably, the FX7026 (more budget-y) and FX541 (more performance-y) are picking up Intel's mid-range Q9300 Core 2 Quad processor (which beat down AMD's top of the line Phenom X4 9850 quad in… »5/05/08 7:09pm5/05/08 7:09pm

Gateway P-Series FX Edition P-171XL, P-171S and P-171X Gaming Notebooks Roll With 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS Graphics, HDMI and eSATA Ports

The Skinny: Not really known for their gaming wares, Gateway's FX Edition notebooks bring the fire with NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS graphics cards, HDMI out and eSATA ports, 17-inch WUXGA screen (1920x1200) displays, and HD DVD drive options. The top of the line P-171XL rocks a Core 2 Extreme X7900 proc, 3 gigs of RAM… »1/07/08 12:00am1/07/08 12:00am

Gateway FX7020 and FX540 Budget Gaming Desktops Hold Their Own

The Blurb: The FX7020 is a budget gamer desktop, coming in right around a grand with quad-core AMD Phenom setup, a 512MB NVIDIA 8800GT graphics card (which actually stacks up well to the at least doubly expensive 8800GTXs) and 3GB of RAM. The FX540 is their flagship w/ an SLi-ready motherboard, which explains the… »1/07/08 12:00am1/07/08 12:00am