Cool crystal-clear video of F-15 aerial refueling from the cockpit

Going to the gas station in a car is a chore made to remind you of your own mortality. Going to the (metaphorical) gas station in a F-15 jet? That’s a delightful dessert made to show off our awesomeness. Here’s a video of a NASA F-15 jet taking a pit stop to get refueled while in mid-flight mid-air from the jet’s… » 6/19/15 7:10pm 6/19/15 7:10pm

How the Pentagon plans to launch rockets into orbit using jet fighters

DARPA's Airborne Launch Assist Space Access is not a new idea. In fact, they have been working on it for some time. Now the Pentagon's research arm have a neat concept video to show us how they are planning to put stuff in low earth orbit. You know, like satellites and other secret darpish things. » 2/06/15 10:08pm 2/06/15 10:08pm

This was the last flight of the first female US Air Force fighter pilot

A beautiful, crystal clear photo of an F-15E Strike Eagle piloted by Colonel Jeannie Leavitt—the first US Air Force female combat fighter pilot and the first commander of a combat fighter wing. This was her last refueling and her final flight—on May 29, 2014—after 2,600 hours flying this beautiful jet. » 6/07/14 1:54am 6/07/14 1:54am

They may seem photoshopped, but these two F-15 Eagles are real

Rich Cooper took this impressive photo of two American F-15s flying over the Baltic. With diplomatic tensions reaching a fevered pitch and Russian military actions becoming more aggressive, NATO is increasing its presence in the Baltic, Poland and other member nations bordering with Russia. » 5/01/14 7:31pm 5/01/14 7:31pm

A Prank Call Caused Two F-15s to Scramble to Protect an Alaska Airlines Flight

Two F-15s scrambled from Portland to meet Alaska Airlines flight 819 in the middle of the Pacific last night because there was supposedly a hijacker on board. A hijacker probably named Mike Crotch because there was really no hijacker at all—the whole thing was the result of a prank call. » 1/18/13 9:47am 1/18/13 9:47am

Woman Who Claimed She Was Surgically Implanted with a Device Disrupts Flight Headed to America

There was a big scare earlier this afternoon when US Airways Flight 787 was re-directed from Charlotte, North Carolina to Bangor, Maine because a passenger was "acting suspiciously". F-15 fighter jets raced at maximum subsonic speed to intercept the plane and had the pilot force-land in Maine. It was because a woman… » 5/22/12 3:54pm 5/22/12 3:54pm

Flowerpower F-15 Breaks Mach 2, USAF to Start Painting Planes with Rainbows

The USAF keeps pushing forward the race towards cleaner skies-and leaner warmachine and potential global mayhem costs-moving from pure oil-derived fuel to a mixture between oil and synthetic fuel. The new benchmark is not a B1 bomber, which they already put through its paces using a similar mix » 8/22/08 7:54am 8/22/08 7:54am, but a fighter jet:…