Hands-On Samsung's F480 Prada Phone Knockoff (Verdict: I'll Pass)

Samsung's F700 and F300 are joined by the F480, a pretty clear knockoff of the LG Prada (down to the fake leather case). I find its touchscreen implementation rough, even if it's improved from Samsung's previous handsets. Overall, I'll pass, especially at the proposed European price of 350 to 400 Euros (~$500 to $580… » 2/12/08 7:37am 2/12/08 7:37am

Samsung Makes Its Point With 17 New Phones at MWC 2008

Mobile Review is reporting that Samsung has as many as 17 new cellphones to drop at MWC 2008, including the G810 and the F480, Samsung's Prada phone clone. We'll bring you the best and most interesting here on the Giz. » 2/11/08 5:53am 2/11/08 5:53am

Fujifilm FinePix F480 Cheapie and the Even Cheaper A920

Fuji has two new entry-level digicams coming down the line. First is the Finepix A920, sporting a 9-mp CCD, 4x zoom and a 2.7-inch screen all for $199.95. But if you need your camera to be a little more on the trim side than you'll want to take a look at the F480. This guy has similar specs to the A920 aside from a… » 7/26/07 12:00am 7/26/07 12:00am