Fabio an A/V Geek? Not Quite

We may have been entranced by Fabio's golden locks and savage manhood, but the folks at Sci Fi didn't fall for his suavity. In their interview of Geek Squad's newest Ambassador, Fabio coughs up a pretty interesting gem on the way his A/V system is set up. » 12/22/06 12:15pm 12/22/06 12:15pm

LG Emotional Series Monitors

Reading the press release for the LG Emotional series monitor is like getting a massage and being licked by kittens at the same time. Monitor specifications be damned, LG loves me and wants to provide relief from everyday hassles of long hours of computer use. They accomplish this through the Feng Shui of flatscreen… » 3/13/06 9:50am 3/13/06 9:50am