What Happens When F1 Car Designers Build Architectural Models

Gizmodo EIC Geoff Manaugh and U.K. architects Smout Allen tapped an unlikely source to help create their new exhibition in London: Williams F1. But, in this case, the engineers at Williams weren't building the advanced race cars they're well-known for—they were 3D-printing the parts for an intricate model of an… »11/20/13 3:30pm11/20/13 3:30pm

The Next Industrial Revolution Starts in this 20-foot Shipping Container

The guys at Re-Char, a small startup that makes carbon-negative products, were faced with a problem. They wanted to ship products to Kenya, but the options available were wasteful, costly, and not nearly as efficient as simply manufacturing near to the customers. To do it, in a place with little industry or… »9/13/12 3:40pm9/13/12 3:40pm

Rusty Old Tanks Become Red-Hot Fire Extiguisher Speakers

It wasn't a mod we would have ever imagined, but what's seen cannot be unseen. These gorgeous fire extinguisher speakers were painstakingly fabricated through lots of patient cutting and welding. The result is a seamless, industrial metal design that you can't pick up at Walmart, or even your local speaker boutique.… »10/30/08 9:00am10/30/08 9:00am

FLOW 6-Axis Water Jet Cutting System Runs Off a Robot Arm

Given the recent rumors about a "revolutionary" new manufacturing process »10/09/08 5:40pm10/09/08 5:40pm from Apple involving water jet-cut aluminum for , it seemed appropriate to discuss a new product coming out of the 2008 Fabtech International & AWS Welding show. The FLOW is a 6-axis system that perform full 3D water cutting without a bulky…