SimpleTech Duo Pro: 4 Interfaces, 3 Terabytes, 2 Drives, 1 Happy Nerd

There are plenty of dual-hard-drive outboard storage systems on the market, but SimpleTech's Duo Pro struck me as particularly brimming with awesomeness. It's not a NAS—it's totally local—but you have a choice of USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and 800, and eSATA, which clocks a max transfer speed of 3Gb per second. (That's… »9/26/08 10:00pm9/26/08 10:00pm


Fabrik Launches Pro Hard Drive Line, Online Backup Service

Today Fabrik announed that they are launching a pro line to accompany their designer line of drives released last year. The Simple, Pro, and Pro Duo all have features such as a stackable design, security locks, eSata (Pro and Dual Pro) and Raid 0 (Pro only) connections. The eSATA connection transfers at 445 Mb/sec… »10/15/07 5:49pm10/15/07 5:49pm

Pininfarina-Designed Fabrik SimpleTech Drive Now Comes in 250GB 2-5-inch Portable

Just when you were coming down from the thrill of Fabrik's Pininfarina-designed 3.5" SimpleTech SimpleDrives, the company unveils a similar Ferrari-inspired line in a more portable 2.5" USB-powered form. The drives range from the 80GB sapphire ($99) up to the 250GB charcoal gray ($199), with onyx and red in between.… »7/03/07 9:59am7/03/07 9:59am