Innovations in Visualizer Technology: Electroshock Your Face

Sure, iTunes' new visualizer »10/25/08 12:45pm10/25/08 12:45pm is pretty, but you can't compete with the visceral, hypnotizing weirdness of Daito Manabe's facial electric stimulus. He tapes electric stimulators, looking like the same type used for electroshock therapy, , and syncs them with his music so his involuntary facial contortions match up…

Fusion CA-1P500 Is the First Head Unit That Hides, Docks Your iPod

We can't believe it, but Fusion CA-1P500 is apparently the first head unit that allows you to dock and hide your iPod directly inside the face. The thing costs £149.99 ($278), which isn't too bad for a head unit that has an OLED menu, a knob that corresponds to the iPod's scroll wheel, and SRS Wow. It fits the… »8/21/08 7:20pm8/21/08 7:20pm

Microsoft's Patent Revolutionizes Dating By Matching People With Celebrity Faces

That website where you upload a picture of yourself and it tells you which celebrities you look like is fun, but what if you could do the same thing in reverse? Microsoft's latest image-based face search has just that application, allowing you to potentially upload a picture of a celebrity and find matches on dating… »2/29/08 4:00pm2/29/08 4:00pm

How to Turn Your Body Into a Hairless Wonderland With Gadgets: Part 2

In our first hairless wonderland feature, we took a look at how you could rid your entire body of hair using three simple gadgets. The Mangroomer, the Flowbee and the Philips Bodygroom allow you to make sure your back, head and crotchular regions are free of any unslightly plumage. But what about the most important… »12/24/07 12:01pm12/24/07 12:01pm