A Dating Site That Hooks You Up with Someone Who Looks Like You is a new dating site (that launches sometime this month) that tries to hook up people who look alike. Seriously! It uses facial-recognition technology (from that tracks nine points on each user's face-eyes, ears, nose, chin, and corners and center of the mouth-to find their match. The… »3/08/11 12:00pm3/08/11 12:00pm

Lumix DMC-TZ50 Coming to US, with T-Mobile Hotspot Access

Remember that saucy little Lumix with the Wi-Fi and free photosharing that was Japan only? Well, Panasonic is releasing the nine-megapixel point-and-shoot over here, and it's going to come with a year's free access to T-Mobile Hotspots. The TZ-50 is available in silver, and will cost $450 when it comes out next month.… »4/17/08 8:10am4/17/08 8:10am

Biometric Testing for Workers on London Olympics Building Site

Over 100,000 construction workers on the 2012 Olympics venue in London will be subjected to biometric tests while they build the site. The two-tier system will scan hands and faces, and should be up and running by June this year, when work starts on the 50-acre site. And these measures, part of the $700 million… »3/05/08 6:53am3/05/08 6:53am

ASUS U2E Is A Light, Leather Bound Notebook That Is Heavy On Features

The U2E notebook from ASUS brings a 32GB SSD, an LED backlit panel and a small-lens webcam to an 11-inch, 2-pound, leather notebook. The coolest feature announced so far is definitely the Smart Logon Face Recognition. This software keeps the computer secure by using the webcam to scan the face in front of it and only… »1/07/08 6:00am1/07/08 6:00am

Cigarette Machine to Teens: "Get Outta Here Ya Damn Kids!"

Listen up, Japanese teens: vending machine maker Fujitaka Co. is on to your sneaky cigarette-buying ways, and has created a machine that uses a camera and face recognition software to try and stop you. The machine takes your picture when you press the "Adult Recognition" button, and analyzes your face for wrinkles and… »11/05/07 6:00pm11/05/07 6:00pm

Fujitsu Releases New Spaceage-style Desktops, Black Monoliths to Come Later

Fujitsu has brought out a Spring range of desktop PCs that look all white and fresh and lovely (if you ignore the repulsive screen graphics that the pics have been issued with). The one above is the Deskpower LX, which can work as an all-in-one video tool. The LX will cost you around $2,250 and is available from the… »4/17/07 9:02am4/17/07 9:02am