Stop Apps From Posting to Facebook On Your Behalf

You no doubt log into a bunch of apps and sites using your Facebook credentials, but you don’t have to disconnect these apps to change what they’re allowed to do through your account. There’s a separate settings page where you can block apps from posting to your wall while allowing them to stay connected to your… »Yesterday 9:30am11/30/15 9:30am

You Can Decide What Ads Facebook Shows You

Facebook uses a whole host of algorithms to work out which ads are most relevant to you, but you can take some control over the process by delving into your account settings and checking up on what the social network thinks it knows about you. It’s possible to add and remove topics to get at least a bearable… »11/15/15 1:00pm11/15/15 1:00pm

How Facebook is stealing billions of video views

One of the best video explainers on the Internet, Kurz Gesagt’s In a Nutshell series, goes on the offensive this time and explains why Facebook is so terrible: they’re turning a blind eye toward people who steal videos so they can goose their video view count to hit billions. And actually, they prefer that stolen… »11/11/15 4:40pm11/11/15 4:40pm

Facebook's iOS App Now Makes 30-Second Previews of Your Favorite Songs

If you wanted to communicate just how “raw and emotional” that new cover of a cover of a cover of a Taylor Swift song is, Facebook probably wasn’t the website of choice. But now you can share 30-second clips on iPhone from Apple Music or Spotify for whenever you listen a song that is just absolute fire. »11/05/15 5:40pm11/05/15 5:40pm

How to Fix iMessage’s Read Receipts: A Proposal

If you’ve ever used iMessage, the proprietary messaging platform for Apple devices such as the iPhone, you’ve probably developed an opinion (or a refined lack of opinion) about its “read receipts” feature. They’re based on a simple idea—what if you could automatically notify people that you had seen their… »11/02/15 4:08pm11/02/15 4:08pm

Facebook Now Tells You to Replace Your Computer When State-Sponsored Hackers Attack

If a despotic regime is trying to break into your Facebook messages, you’d probably want to know about it. Now, the social network is finally offering a feature that tells you when a suspected state-sponsored attacker targets your account. It will also tell you to buy a new computer. »10/19/15 10:45am10/19/15 10:45am

UPDATE: Facebook User, Asif, Regains Friendship With Scorned Ex-Best Friend, Mudasir

Exactly a month ago to the day, our fragile world was rocked when a Facebook user from the Gujranwala District in Pakistan announced that he was severing ties with his then-former best friend Mudasir in favor of new best friend Salman. Today, however, people from all corners of the globe can breathe easy—Asif and… »10/16/15 7:45pm10/16/15 7:45pm