Fix All Your Facebook Mistakes With the Activity Log

You may not yet have stumbled across the Activity Log page in your wanderings around Facebook, but it’s worth exploring. It provides a blow-by-blow account of everything you do on the social network, and you can use it to take back likes or comments, find your favorite posts again, change your privacy settings and… » 8/21/15 9:08am 8/21/15 9:08am

Facebook Is Hosting the Republican Debate, So Why Can't We Watch Online?

Thursday’s debate between Republican candidates for President is must see TV. But if you’re a cordcutter who doesn’t subscribe to traditional TV, you’re sadly out of luck. The highly anticipated debate is co-hosted by Facebook, but the only legal way to watch it live is on Fox News. » 8/05/15 5:35pm 8/05/15 5:35pm

Facebook's Internet Drone Looks Like an Angry Boomerang

After years of teasing, Facebook has finally revealed an air-ready, solar-powered drone designed to beam internet to Earth’s surface. It looks like a really expensive and sort of pissed off boomerang. All it lacks is the data-delivering laser that will deliver websites to remote African villages. Facebook says that… » 7/30/15 5:10pm 7/30/15 5:10pm