Wave Your Paws to a Techno-Kitten Beat, Lolcat-Style

If flying around as a kitten with a jetpack, a "butterfly" kitten, or even a kitten wrapped with bacon as techno music plays is your idea of a good time, then Techno Kitten Adventure is the app you've been waiting for. This music game mashes the popular lolcats internet meme with techno music, creating one of the most… » 2/17/12 9:40pm 2/17/12 9:40pm

The Easiest Way to Hack Your Profile Page Design

We've seen how to make that brilliant Facebook profile page design using Photoshop, but what if you don't have Photoshop? There's a quick'n'easy Facebook app that does it for you (as evidenced by mine, here.) [ProfileMaker via AllFacebook via BGR] » 12/29/10 2:40pm 12/29/10 2:40pm