Facebook Already Killed Its New 'Find Friends Nearby' Feature That…

Facebook was stealth testing a new 'Find Friends Nearby' feature over the weekend that would show the Facebook users who were around you—think Find My Friends on iOS or Where You At? on Boost Mobile—but has now pulled the feature completely. » 6/25/12 3:22pm 6/25/12 3:22pm

Missouri Overturning That Ridiculous Law Banning Student-Teacher…

Yeah, that didn't take too long. After seeing how stupid it would be to issue a wholesale ban of internet communication between teachers and their students—free speech shenanigans—a judge and the Missouri House reversed the law, putting a more reasonable bill in its place. » 9/24/11 9:40am 9/24/11 9:40am

Missouri Has Banned Teachers from Being Facebook Friends with Students

Here's a primer on what's illegal in Missouri (some cities): owning a PVC pipe, having oral sex, minors buying lighters, minors buying cap pistols and now student-teacher Facebook friendships. Seriously, that's banned. » 8/01/11 11:15am 8/01/11 11:15am

Are You Facebook Friends With Your Family?

We spent some time last night figuring out when you should go ahead and friend your parents on Facebook, but did you? And what about your brother, your sister, your aunt, your in-laws... where do you draw the line? » 12/10/10 6:40pm 12/10/10 6:40pm

Should You Friend Your Parents on Facebook?

Should you friend your parents? Or more realistically, should you let them friend you? I'm inclined to just give a flat-out "no," but this handy flowchart gives it way more thought than I have. » 12/09/10 10:40pm 12/09/10 10:40pm