Facebook Groups: Another New App You Don't Want or Need 

Facebook's Great Unbundling isn't stopping anytime soon. And the latest little birdie pushed from the nest is none other than Groups. Because someone somewhere has to want a standalone Groups app somewhere. Probably? » 11/18/14 1:21pm 11/18/14 1:21pm

The Wasteland of Forgotten Phone Numbers on Facebook Is Exposing Your…

Do you remember the olden days of losing a phone? Crap! You lost all your contacts! What do you do? You probably didn't have a smartphone and you probably didn't sync your contacts, instead, you went to Facebook and told your friends to give you their numbers. Those phone numbers are still on Facebook. » 5/23/12 12:20pm 5/23/12 12:20pm

Facebook Saved a Woman's Life

Cindy Lincoln was folding laundry when she fell and broke her femur. Because she was in immense pain, Lincoln couldn't reach a phone. Instead, she logged into Facebook and posted a help message that saved her life. » 6/20/11 4:00pm 6/20/11 4:00pm