Facebook's Messenger App Logs Way More Data Than You Realize

Ever since Facebook first started pushing users over to its standalone messaging app (whether they liked it or not), there have been cries of outrage over what's seemed like an inordinately large amount of required permissions. And while there's still no indication that Facebook has any sort of bad intent, the company »9/11/14 10:25am9/11/14 10:25am

Free Voice Calling Rolls Out on Facebook Messenger for iOS

One of the features promised with the Facebook Messenger for iPhone update a few weeks ago was Voice-Over IP calling (Download it here). Facebook promised that in the coming weeks you'd be able to call your friends over a cellular or Wi-Fi data connection instead of using up your plan minutes. The feature is finally… »1/16/13 4:33pm1/16/13 4:33pm

Facebook Messenger Brings Your News Feed and Chat to Your Windows Desktop

If you feel weirdly disconnected from your Facebook profile when you're not logged in, try out the new Facebook Messenger application, which is available for Windows now. The new app follows the mobile Facebook Messenger applications released last summer, and a version for OS X is reportedly on the way as well. »3/05/12 2:48pm3/05/12 2:48pm