This Facebook Timeline Teaches You the History of the Computer

Like the life history of a camera, this Facebook Timeline shows you and schools you on the story of how the computer as we know it came to be. It wasn't always pretty and aluminum and thin and lovely! From its humble, beige box beginnings to not so little improvements like the Internet, this Facebook Timeline made by… » 9/04/12 9:00pm 9/04/12 9:00pm

Facebook's Sweet Timeline Is on the iPhone Now Too

If you've been wondering how Facebook's snazzy new Timeline feature would look like on the iPhone, wonder no more. It's supah snazzy (or as snazzy as its mobile web and Android counterparts)! The latest iOS Facebook app update includes Timeline so you can catch up with your friend's entire history while on the go.… » 12/19/11 9:45am 12/19/11 9:45am