Facebook for Every Phone: Now Even People With Crappy Dumbphones Can…

Facebook just unveiled their Facebook for Every Phone app which will put a serviceable Facebook experience on even the crappiest of phones. I'm not kidding, Facebook for Every Phone will work on over 2,5000 different devices. » 7/12/11 4:12pm 7/12/11 4:12pm

HTC's Facebook Phones Live! Kidz, Meet the ChaCha and Salsa

So HTC was building Facebook phones—though they're not billing them as that, despite the oddly-placed Facebook badges. Without a shadow of doubt crossing Vladimir Putin's face, the ChaCha and Salsa (need I say more?) are aimed at the "youth." » 2/15/11 2:24am 2/15/11 2:24am

What Will Be Announced at Facebook's Event This Wednesday?

This Wednesday morn (PST) news will be flying out of Facebook HQ. But what of? Those rumored Facebook phones? The Skype integration? A secure and usable update for Places? A public burning of The Social Network's posters? [TechCrunch] » 10/05/10 3:50am 10/05/10 3:50am