A Dating Site That Hooks You Up with Someone Who Looks Like You

Findyourfacemate.com is a new dating site (that launches sometime this month) that tries to hook up people who look alike. Seriously! It uses facial-recognition technology (from Face.com) that tracks nine points on each user's face-eyes, ears, nose, chin, and corners and center of the mouth-to find their match. The… » 3/08/11 12:00pm 3/08/11 12:00pm

"Does Madame Approve of Her 3D Plastic Surgery?"

Plastic surgery has edged a little closer to the nerd closet, with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon now offering 3D previews of what they can expect after their procedures. » 11/29/10 7:20pm 11/29/10 7:20pm

Confused Ravers Terrorised by Aphex Twin's Face Mapping Demonstration

Imagine the scene. It's late. It's dark. You've had a bit to drink. You're happily dancing away in a world of your own, staring at the big screen. Then up comes your face with Aphex Twin's demonic branding over it. » 9/01/10 6:40am 9/01/10 6:40am

Lance Armstrong's $15,000 Bike Helmet

First, Giro Helmets spent $15,000 to build a lifelike replica of Lance Armstrong. Only then did they start to develop his helmet. Hundreds of prototypes and wind tunnel tests later, they ended up with the most aerodynamic helmet ever. » 7/03/10 6:00pm 7/03/10 6:00pm