Go Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For iMessage and FaceTime Right Now

Two-Factor Authentication, though sometimes annoying, is one the best defenses against nefarious individuals trying to break into your private accounts. You should really have it set up on everything, but not every company has unanimously embraced the security measure on all their apps, including Apple. » 2/12/15 4:25pm 2/12/15 4:25pm

Apple May Have Figured Out How to Make FaceTime Work With Bad Internet

A new invention filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office is so simple but clever that it's amazing it's not been done before: Cook & Co. suggests that it could insert doctored or pre-recorded images into FaceTime chats on crappy connections to keep the conversation smooth. » 1/16/14 8:48am 1/16/14 8:48am

There's Nothing Wrong With a FaceTime Thanksgiving

This will be the first Thanksgiving I've ever spent away from family. I really couldn't take another round of traveling on the worst travel day of the year. And although I'm looking forward to a jolly, boozy holiday with my friends, in the back of the mind I will miss gorging myself on turkey in close proximity to… » 11/22/13 4:23pm 11/22/13 4:23pm

AT&T Is Finally Going to Let Everyone Video Chat Over Data

AT&T has caught a lot of flak for being excruciatingly picky about what apps can do video chat over data on what kind of plans. It's been equal parts annoying and confusing for everyone involved. But now, the carrier is about to simplify it by letting everyone do everything by the end of this year. Finally. » 5/20/13 3:02pm 5/20/13 3:02pm

Here's How FaceTime on AT&T LTE (Finally!) Looks

For way, way too long, AT&T blocked us from using the data we were paying for to make FaceTime video calls. Why? No good reason at all. But the blockage is over, and the good news is it works fantastically. » 1/17/13 3:32pm 1/17/13 3:32pm

AT&T Will Finally Let Everyone FaceTime Over 3G Network

In a move overdue since FaceTime over cellular launched in September, AT&T is finally letting most of its customers actually freaking use it. In a blog post, AT&T says it has extensively tested the feature and that it will be enabled to all customers on tiered data plans at no additional cost. » 1/16/13 2:29pm 1/16/13 2:29pm

Is AT&T Letting You Use FaceTime Over Cellular?

AT&T recently allowed FaceTime over cellular for iPhone users on tiered data plans but reports are coming through that AT&T iPhone users on unlimited data plans are also getting unchained from FaceTime's Wi-Fi only shackles. Is this happening to you too? » 11/21/12 12:49am 11/21/12 12:49am

Apple Just Can't Keep iCloud In the Air

Today, iTunes Match went down. Yesterday, it was iMessage and FaceTime. Since launching iCloud to the public on October 12th, 2011, Apple just hasn't been able to keep its cloud-based services airborne. » 11/19/12 3:37pm 11/19/12 3:37pm

AT&T Reverses: You Can Use iPhone 5 FaceTime Without Wi-Fi (Updated)

After months of complaining, AT&T will now doing the right thing, unchaining customers with regular tiered data plans to use FaceTime on their LTE phones and iPads with nothing more than a cell signal. It's good, but definitely not enough. » 11/08/12 2:44pm 11/08/12 2:44pm

Net Neutrality Groups Warn AT&T They'll Fight for FaceTime Freedom

Today three net neutrality groups—Free Press, Public Knowledge and the New American Foundation's Open Technology Institute—together released a written statement to AT&T (see below), alerting the iPhone carrier of their intentions to file a formal complaint with the FCC. » 9/18/12 11:00pm 9/18/12 11:00pm

Verizon to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular For No Extra Charge

While Verizon has been upfront about the fact that it won't let you keep grandfathered unlimited data plans with a new iPhone 5, it is softening on one point: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier will let you use FaceTime for no extra charge, regardless of what data plan you're on. » 9/13/12 5:00am 9/13/12 5:00am

Would You Pay For FaceTime Over 3G?

When Apple launched iOS 6, it was happy to announce that FaceTime was finally going to be available over 3G. Great! But now, 9to5mac is reporting, based on leaked screenshots, that using FaceTime over AT&T's 3G network may require a paid-for contract bolt-on. Not so great. » 7/17/12 6:21am 7/17/12 6:21am

Facetime's Great Great Grandfather Worked Just Fine Without Wi-Fi

When iOS 6 is released in a few months, iPhone Facetime users will finally be able to place video calls without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. It's an improvement that was a long time coming, particularly when you consider that AT&T/Bell had offered a picturephone service over 40 years earlier. » 7/02/12 5:20pm 7/02/12 5:20pm

The iPhone 4 Won't Get FaceTime Over 3G Either

We heard that the iPhone 4 and 3GS were going to get stiffed over Apple's new Maps app and its fancy Flyover and turn-by-turn directions, but it seems there are more things the older iPhones won't get out of iOS 6, including 3G FaceTime. » 6/13/12 9:00am 6/13/12 9:00am

Apple FaceTime Over 3G Seems Closer Than Ever

With my loved ones long away from me, I have missed the ability to use my iPhone's FaceTime over 3G a few times. Even if the quality would have been bad. Well, it seems that Apple is really getting ready for it, according to this screenshot that just appeared in iOS 5.1.1. » 5/18/12 2:41pm 5/18/12 2:41pm

Why Doesn't the New iPad Allow FaceTime Over LTE?

The new iPad is, by all reports, smokin' hot. What better way to make the most of its new LTE capabilities and amazing Retina display than telling somebody about it over FaceTime? Sorry, you're out of luck; the iPad still doesn't allow FaceTime over cellular networks. » 3/15/12 4:23am 3/15/12 4:23am

FaceTime Is Making People Hate Their Faces So Much They're Getting…

No—not an Onion article. A Washington, DC-area plastic surgeon is being hit with patients rendered so self-conscious by their video chatting visages that they're asking for phone-specific facelifts. Technology is great except when it's so, so awful. » 2/27/12 5:40pm 2/27/12 5:40pm

Verizon Wants 3G Facetime to Only Work With Tiered Data Plans

When iOS 5 launches, Facetime calls over 3G will be possible. But according to 9to5mac's sources, Verizon only wants 3G Facetime available to users who have tiered data plans, not unlimited ones. Apple doesn't like this. » 7/29/11 9:17am 7/29/11 9:17am

It's Official: This Is the New AIM

On Monday we reported on AIM's kind-of-sort-of-secret new video chat site. As of today, it's official, and it's just the beginning of a new direction for the hoary chat service. » 5/12/11 7:00pm 5/12/11 7:00pm

Is Your iPhone Taking Creepy Hidden Pics of You? (Updated)

Cameras that look back at us are becoming commonplace—and that's a good thing! FaceTime is a lot of fun! Except if it's glitchily taking secret pictures of us without us knowing, as some iPhone users are claiming. » 4/06/11 11:40am 4/06/11 11:40am