Tesco to Use Face Scanners at Gas Pumps for Better Ad Targeting

Pumping gas at Tesco is about to get a lot more personal, thanks to new ad-targeting software that the grocery chain is installing at 450 stations in the United Kingdom. The new system will scan consumers' faces and then feed them customized ads based on their age and gender. No permission necessary! » 11/04/13 2:20pm 11/04/13 2:20pm

You Won't Need a PIN When You Pay for Everything with Your Face

Imagine a world where your debit card stays in your pocket at all times, and you never have to touch cash. This is a place where you don't have to remember your wallet, or even phone, when you run down to the corner store. It's a future well off in the distance, to be sure, but dozens of companies are taking the first… » 7/18/13 6:10pm 7/18/13 6:10pm

Can You Guess Which Movies These Facial Mashups Belong To?

Every director has his or her own distinct visual mood, but does that mood extend to what types of faces they cast? Based on data pushed through a facial recognition algorithm, these images shows us the aggregate of every face shown in a handful of blockbusters from the past few years. As you might guess, Avatar is… » 7/18/13 2:32pm 7/18/13 2:32pm

Reclaim Your Privacy With Glowing Glasses That Foil Facial Recognition

In a time when it seems like the privacy we all enjoyed was just a smokescreen, it's nice to know there's at least one way to fight back against all the systems designed to keep track of our comings and goings. Developed by Japan's National Institute of Informatics, these glasses include eleven LEDs that blast a… » 6/19/13 8:27am 6/19/13 8:27am

The Massive Facial Recognition Database That's Hiding in Plain Sight

It's only natural to be a little skeeved out by the idea that the government is slurping up your private data behind the scenes, but there's a very public piece of your data being collected as well: the look on your face. There's already a national database of over 120 million faces, and the Washington Post reports » 6/17/13 10:35am 6/17/13 10:35am

Every Camera Should Have This Hilarious Boob Tracker

If you have a web camera on your computer or front facing camera on your phone or any camera really, you're going to be extremely jealous of this awesome boob tracker feature after watching this video. Who cares about facial recognition! Who cares about Wi-Fi equipped cameras! Every camera needs this boob tracker. It… » 4/23/13 9:00pm 4/23/13 9:00pm

Boston Police: Facial Recognition Didn’t Help Search For Bombers

While it's undeniable that tech played a major part in helping hunt down the two Boston bombing suspects, it certainly wasn't facial recognition that helped. Boston Police have admitted that their facial recognition system "did not identify" the suspects. » 4/22/13 5:41am 4/22/13 5:41am

Could You Ever Be So Paranoid About Privacy That You'd Wear These Goofy …

It should come as no surprise that quite often, lurking in the shadows, a security camera is secretly leering at you. In stores, in banks, even on the street; and now they can recognize you too. Of course, there are ways to fight back, but unfortunately they include wearing these goofy-looking glasses. » 1/21/13 11:02am 1/21/13 11:02am

Is This Facial Recognition Tech Designed for Makeup Counters the Most…

Sometimes you turn on the news and see a clip of an unknown perp robbing a convenience store. Problem is, police can't tell who the thief is because the video is so bad. But that might not be a problem anymore thanks to a French company called Vesalis and its bang-on facial recognition software. Originally designed… » 6/14/12 6:40pm 6/14/12 6:40pm

Canon's Facial Recognition Focuses on Friends and Ignores Strangers

We've all taken pictures where we've accidentally focused on the wrong person: who the hell was that dude in the background, anyway? But facial recognition baked into Canon's new cameras should mean that doesn't happen again. » 1/13/12 6:48am 1/13/12 6:48am