The Government Is Testing Myriad Invasive Biometric Surveillance Methods

Government agencies are currently in the process of secretly testing new surveillance and monitoring at points of entry into the United States, according to leaked documents obtained by Motherboard. You're going to want to hear about this. » 3/19/15 6:10pm 3/19/15 6:10pm

Man, It's Still So Easy to Fool Facial Recognition Software 

Passwords suck, so why not replace them with facial recognition? Because facial recognition software still kind of sucks, too, as Dan Moren discovered in Popular Science after a little craft project easily fooled his bank app. » 3/18/15 5:15pm 3/18/15 5:15pm

Facial Recognition Code Could've Discovered Rare Anne Boleyn Portrait

When Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536, images of the queen were destroyed—leaving only one certain depiction of her in existence. Now, facial recognition software may have discovered another contemporary portrait of Boleyn. » 2/16/15 7:48am 2/16/15 7:48am

The Tech That Will Kill Passwords Dead

This Is What Happens When You Reverse Engineer Facial Recognition

These haunting images are what happens if you take the state of the art in facial recognition and detection—and turn it completely on its head. » 11/28/14 9:00pm 11/28/14 9:00pm

5 Ways to Hide From Common Surveillance Tech

We may not be in a total surveillance state yet, but thanks to the FBI's insane new facial recognition system, a 1984-esque reality doesn't seem quite so far away. Fortunately, scientists and designers alike are hard at work building counter surveillance solutions to ease (and hide) our worried minds. » 10/20/14 9:20am 10/20/14 9:20am

Morgan Freeman Becomes E.T. and Other Age-Prediction Software Horrors

Yesterday, we got a look at a fun (if creepy) little bit of tech that claims to give us a peek at our grizzled, age-stricken faces in 20 years' time. What we got was certainly... something. So we decided to put the Future Self software to the real test, by inputting celebrities as they were 20 years ago and… » 10/07/14 12:01pm 10/07/14 12:01pm

This Website Shows You What You Might Look Like in 20(-ish) Years

As (presumably) living, breathing humans, we can't not spend exorbitant amounts of time wondering about the future. Will I have kids? Will I be dead? Will I finally get my goddamn hoverboard? All valid questions! And while Orange's new site, Future Self, might not answer all (or any) of them, it does attempt to at… » 10/06/14 2:35pm 10/06/14 2:35pm

The FBI Just Finished Its Insane New Facial Recognition System

After six years and over one billion dollars in development, the FBI has just announced that its new biometric facial recognition software system is finally complete. Meaning that, starting soon, photos of tens of millions of U.S. citizen's faces will be captured by the national system on a daily basis. » 9/15/14 11:31am 9/15/14 11:31am

FBI Facial Recognition Caught a Fugitive on the Run For 14 Years

The FBI's facial recognition initiative is big and getting bigger. And it's just proved that it works too, by helping capture a fugitive who's been on the run for 14 years, during testing in Asia. » 8/13/14 3:30am 8/13/14 3:30am

New Software Can Spot Rare Genetic Diseases From Family Photographs

Spotting rare genetic disease is, by definition, a little tricky. But now a team of scientists from the University of Oxford has developed software that can spot such conditions by analyzing family photographs. » 6/24/14 11:20am 6/24/14 11:20am

The BBC Is Testing Facial Recognition to Gauge Viewer Response

Did you cry when Sherlock "died"? Do you scream with disgust every time Jeremy Clarkson pops up in Top Gear? Well, the BBC wants to know your response to a number of its top shows—and it's looking to employ facial recognition technology to find out. » 6/17/14 8:00am 6/17/14 8:00am Will Use Facial Recognition to Find People Like Your Ex recently announced a partnership with Three Day Rule, a personalized matchmaking service that will find you a date that looks like your ex. You simply send them some pictures, and they find a match. The service costs $5,000 for six month membership. And it's creepy as hell. » 6/16/14 3:45pm 6/16/14 3:45pm

Report: The NSA Collects Millions of Faces From Email, Texts, and More

Not only is the NSA interested in all your email and text messages, it would love to know exactly what you look like. The New York Times reports that the agency has been using new facial recognition software to tap into millions of images in emails, texts messages, video-conferences, and even social media to build a… » 6/01/14 12:00pm 6/01/14 12:00pm

FBI Wants 52 Million Photos in its Face Recognition Database by 2015

New documents released by the FBI show that the Bureau is well on its way toward its goal of a fully operational face recognition database by this summer. » 4/15/14 4:30am 4/15/14 4:30am

This Facial Recognition Software Signals the End of the Security Guard

Minority Report references are old hat in the tech world. In fact, it's often a great way to describe technology that, as the cliche goes, "sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel," yet is destined to remain a fiction. But this futuristic facial-recognition security system is the exception. It exists, and… » 3/20/14 5:20pm 3/20/14 5:20pm

Facebook's Facial Recognition 'Approaching Human-Level Performance'

Facebook has been working on facial recognition for years to auto-tag photographs, but has now reached a point where its technology is 'closely approaching human-level performance.' In fact, in some ways it might even be better. » 3/18/14 8:32am 3/18/14 8:32am

Tesco to Use Face Scanners at Gas Pumps for Better Ad Targeting

Pumping gas at Tesco is about to get a lot more personal, thanks to new ad-targeting software that the grocery chain is installing at 450 stations in the United Kingdom. The new system will scan consumers' faces and then feed them customized ads based on their age and gender. No permission necessary! » 11/04/13 2:20pm 11/04/13 2:20pm

New Software Makes Skype Chats Way Less Awkward

Everybody who's ever done a video chat has felt the frustration. You call your pal using Skype or whatever so that you can see their face and they can see yours, but whoops, you're not even looking at each other. You're looking at the screen so your eyes are slightly off-center. Annoying! But maybe not for long. » 8/27/13 1:47pm 8/27/13 1:47pm

You Won't Need a PIN When You Pay for Everything with Your Face

Imagine a world where your debit card stays in your pocket at all times, and you never have to touch cash. This is a place where you don't have to remember your wallet, or even phone, when you run down to the corner store. It's a future well off in the distance, to be sure, but dozens of companies are taking the… » 7/18/13 6:10pm 7/18/13 6:10pm