Seeing frozen pizza get made looks a lot like CGI

It kind of makes sense for frozen pizzas to look so fake. As delicious as frozen pizza can be—and trust me, I think they're fantastic—they're barely food. They're more like sodium-laced stripped wheat frisbees topped with spiced rubber parts. Here's how frozen pizza is made in a big factory. If you pretend it's CGI,… »7/03/14 12:52am7/03/14 12:52am

Inside Shapeways, the 3D-Printing Factory of the Future

When you walk into the Shapeways headquarters in a sprawling New York City warehouse building, it doesn't feel like a factory. It's something different, somehow unforgettable, inevitably new. As it should be. This is one of the world's first full service 3D-printing factories, and it's not like any factory I've ever… »6/20/14 10:05am6/20/14 10:05am

Just a year after starting it up, Google's shutting down its Texas-based Moto X assembly factory, ci

Just a year after starting it up, Google's shutting down its Texas-based Moto X assembly factory, citing weak sales and high costs. The decision to close this plant was apparently unrelated to Google's plans to sell Motorola off to China-based Lenovo. But whatever the reasoning, it sure is a bummer. »5/30/14 12:15pm5/30/14 12:15pm

Apple Is Putting Pressure on Arizona to Stop the State's Anti-Gay Bill

Apple's got a vested interest in Arizona's future—its newest factory will break ground there in 2015, bringing thousands of jobs to the state. And the company is now advocating for local policy. Today, Apple publicly took a stand against the state's highly controversial proposed anti-gay legislation. »2/25/14 4:55pm2/25/14 4:55pm

Inside the Incredible, Complex Factories Where Satellites Are Born

Greg White has shot some of the most remote and unusual places in the world. The UK photographer has published photo essays on Chernobyl, Svalbard, and even CERN. But for his latest project, he discovered an alien world within the ordinary confines of his home country: The labs where satellites are built. »12/13/13 11:20am12/13/13 11:20am

Let's Hope All Bots Are as Gentle as This Tofu Handling Robot

Sci-fi movies and TV shows have given us a glimpse of the future where robots will eventually set their sights on eradicating humans. It's just one possible outcome, though, and as this robot developed by Lands Work demonstrates, our inevitable artificial companions might actually be far gentler than we fear. »6/20/13 8:17am6/20/13 8:17am

Going Inside the DayGlo Factory Is a Mind Bending Colorful Trip

Byte Size Science took a tour inside the DayGlo Pigment Plant to show how DayGlo makes all of its fluorescent colors. It's pretty fascinating—the color becomes taffy textured and then solidified by cooling and then ground up to be like sand and then ground up again to be between 3-5 microns in diamater. And it's so… »1/09/13 9:00pm1/09/13 9:00pm