Decay and Demolition Inside a Dying Cement Factory

The first cement factory in Hungary has reached its sorry end. The monstrous industrial complex of Lábatlan was established by Balázs Konkoly-Thege on the right bank of river Danube in 1868, and in the very beginning, Roman cement was made here in a wood-fueled 16 chamber furnace. Today, the factory is a lovely… » 1/16/15 9:00am 1/16/15 9:00am

Video: Inside the factory that makes Sriracha

Sriracha, the hot sauce God would ask for if he ate on Earth, is still made from the same recipe when it first started decades ago. Only the chilis are hotter now. And the sauce is more popular. And the production is much, much larger. Hypebeast took a tour of the giant factory that makes Sriracha in the video below. » 1/07/15 1:26am 1/07/15 1:26am

Video: Here's what happens when a fireworks factory explodes 

That is one hell of a boom. Which makes sense since it's an explosion of a factory of things that go boom. The explosion occurred in Colombia and injured two people. The initial blast knocked the cameraman over and the ensuing fireworks kept shooting out for a solid minute after that. It's pretty nuts. » 1/05/15 11:58pm 1/05/15 11:58pm

How to take an exclusive tour of the Lego factory in 2015

I have wanted to hop a plane to Billund and take this tour for years, but to date I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Lego Mecca. In 2015, I'm going beg my parents to watch my then 6 month old child and 2 dogs because Lego has published tour dates and details for 2015 and I'm definitely going this time. » 10/01/14 4:37pm 10/01/14 4:37pm

Go Inside the Factory That Makes the World's Solar Panels

While you're watching the final game of the World Cup today, keep a keen eye on the advertisements along the sidelines. You're likely to see the name Yingli Solar: a massive Chinese solar power manufacturer that few soccer fans are likely to know. Climate Desk recently visited Yingli's sprawling plant, and got a… » 7/13/14 4:00pm 7/13/14 4:00pm

Chevy Assembly Line Workers Ride Around on Wall-E-Style Floating Chairs

Remember those floating chairs that our uber-lazy future offspring rode around on in the movie Wall-E? Chevrolet just installed the real-life version in two of its assembly lines. Meet the fully-automated, gesture-controlled Ergo-Chair. » 5/13/14 2:20pm 5/13/14 2:20pm

Moscow Is Turning a Historic Soviet Factory Into Its Very Own High Line

In its heyday, Hammer & Sickle Factory was the lynchpin of industry in Russia—a plant that churned out the country's steel for an entire century. Now, Moscow is turning the sprawling factory into luxury housing, boutiques, and a High Line-style park. Basically, the Meatpacking District. » 4/29/14 3:22pm 4/29/14 3:22pm

Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

The Korean news agency Yonhap News reports that a carbon dioxide leak in a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has killed one of its workers. » 3/27/14 6:10am 3/27/14 6:10am

18 Gorgeous Images of Job-Stealing Factory Robots

Robots have ruled industrial production for decades in many fields, from the auto industry to food processing and consumer electronics. The Singularity isn't here yet—but in the world of manufacturing, it's been knocking on the door for years. » 7/26/13 9:00am 7/26/13 9:00am

How Porsche Makes The World's Most Advanced Hybrid

The Porsche 918 Spyder is like no other hybrid on the road, promising Bugatti-like performance in a package capable of better fuel economy than a Toyota Prius. Here's an exclusive look at how they build their 887-horsepower, $800,000 flagship plug-in hybrid hypercar. » 7/16/13 12:46pm 7/16/13 12:46pm

A Tour of the New Makerbot Factory, Where 3D Printers Are Born

MakerBot is building an empire selling printers that make things—but have you ever wondered where the printers themselves are made? On June 7th, the company opened a huge new factory to accommodate the booming demand for Replicators, and we got a first-hand look inside. » 6/13/13 3:40pm 6/13/13 3:40pm

Inside the Nitto Factory, Where the World's Best Bike Parts Are Made

Ever wondered where Nitto's legendary bike parts are born? This short documentary by SimWorks, a bicycle retail shop, gives us a glimpse inside the company's manufacturing facility in Japan. » 5/14/13 5:40pm 5/14/13 5:40pm

How Nikon Makes the Glass Inside Its Lenses

If you were ever curious about how Nikon managed to make the wonderful glass that capture beautiful pictures, well, it all starts with making the glass itself. This video gives you a peek inside the Nikon factories that make the glass and shows you the step by step process. » 1/12/13 1:00am 1/12/13 1:00am

So This Is How They Make Clouds, Hmmm?

A cloud factory! If I ever have a kid, I would show him this photo when he asks about how clouds are made.* I mean, it'd be technically true, right? That's evaporated water, after all. » 12/19/12 10:20am 12/19/12 10:20am

Hidden Test Video Shows What Life in a Computer Factory Is Really Like

Have you ever wondered how your computer gets made? Ever thought about the people who put it together? What about how life is like inside a computer factory? This video, which was found inside a brand new HP laptop, answers all your questions. » 7/27/12 1:20pm 7/27/12 1:20pm

Chinese Citizens Comment on Foxconn, Apple, and Being From the…

The New York Times teamed up with a Chinese magazine to see how the Chinese feel about Foxconn, Apple, and the how their factory workers are treated. The results might not surprise you, but they will remind you that there's more cost to your iPad than what's on the price tag. » 1/26/12 12:55pm 1/26/12 12:55pm

Apple Supplier Factory Explodes Injuring 57

There has been an explosion at one of the factories of Pegatron Corp, one of Apple's part suppliers. The explosion has injured 57 workers. 23 have been hospitalized with burns. » 12/18/11 10:18pm 12/18/11 10:18pm

Western Digital's HD Factory "Submerged" by Thai Flooding

One of the world's largest hard drive makers has emerged as another victim of the floods that've hit Thailand, with WD reporting that one of its Thai plants has been "inundated" by water and some equipment is currently underwater. » 10/18/11 7:20am 10/18/11 7:20am

Stanky Factory Could Slow MacBook Air Shipments

Catcher Technology had to shut down one of its plants after residents complained about a "strange odor" emanating from the factory. The funky factory just happens to produce the metal casing for the MacBook Air. The stench could delay the production of the tiny MacBook. » 10/17/11 3:20pm 10/17/11 3:20pm

Another Foxconn Factory Suffered a Huge Fire

Foxconn is burning yet again. Deep, black smoke was seen coming out of a Foxconn factory in Yantai, a city in the northeastern Shandong Province of China, as a result from a serious fire. Luckily, the fire was put out before the plant suffered any casualties. » 9/27/11 8:30am 9/27/11 8:30am