10 Years Later, You Can Finally Buy The Best Documentary About L.A.

Los Angeles Plays Itself is a story of how L.A. has been portrayed on screen, its thesis unfolding through hundreds of iconic film clips. But the biggest reason that Thom Andersen's legendary documentary has reached a near-cult status is that, due to copyright issues, the film has never been properly released in… »7/09/14 6:30pm7/09/14 6:30pm

RIAA Boycott: "Fair Use" Bill Falls Short of Sweeping Digital Rights Reform

Yesterday we told you about this FAIR USE bill that's been introduced in Congress, and we were pretty happy to hear about it. Now that people have had the time to really get into the guts of the bill, it looks like it might not be the savior we were hoping for. The experts at Ars Technica took a long, hard look at the… »3/01/07 11:45am3/01/07 11:45am