Forget Drugs, Darknet Markets Are Selling Counterfeit Christmas Gifts 

Receiving luxury Christmas presents is great. Giving them, however, has one major downside: Luxury Christmas gifts are expensive as shit. Perhaps that's why the business of peddling counterfeit items like fake iPhone 6 smartphones and knockoff Louis Vuittons is flourishing on darknet markets like Evolution. » 12/22/14 11:22am 12/22/14 11:22am

Made-In-China Handset Turns iPhone Into a Clamshell

We've seen our fair share of phony iPhones » 11/26/08 10:15pm 11/26/08 10:15pm here before, but this is the first time I've seen a company take a more ingenious approach to copycatting and, I dare say, I wouldn't mind if the iPhone took a page out of this guy's book one day. I introduce you to the iPhone Flip. The phone measures 105 x 53 x 17mm, and…

Glossy Black iPhone 3G is Just a Third-Party Case

The first allegedly-leaked shots of the 3G iPhone arrived earlier this month. Yesterday, Engadget claimed that the iPhone was going to look all black and shiny, like in the photo. (Although they didn't say that was a photo of the said unit.) Today, what we know for sure is that the thing in the photo is just a… » 4/26/08 7:45am 4/26/08 7:45am

Paper-Made iPhone Clone Is Made to Burn Baby Burn

We've seen all sorts of iPhone wannabes from China, but this SPhone is made of paper and it will be yours for just 3,999 Taiwanese dollars or $122. You may not want it, however. Not because it's made of people but because actually, according to a Taiwanese reader, it's made out of paper so people can burn it at… » 10/09/07 4:42am 10/09/07 4:42am