Fake Steve Perfectly Summarizes Microsoft Chief Software Architect's…

Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie may have been a man standing alone at Microsoft, daring them to be ready for a post-PC world. But his goodbye memo is an epic screed. Fake Steve handily summarizes it: "We suck. I quit. Goodbye." » 10/25/10 2:06pm 10/25/10 2:06pm

Fake Steve Jobs: YOU'RE Irresponsible and Pointless

Consider this fact: AT&T, a huge wireless provider in the United States, cannot reliably connect calls in New York City. [Fake Steve] » 12/16/09 3:18am 12/16/09 3:18am

Fake Steve: A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T

So we set up a call with Randall this morning to discuss some of the profoundly stupid things his Ralph de la Vega said recently about creating incentives that would encourage people to stop using AT&T's data network so much. Point of the talk was, when you're lucky enough to create a smash hit product - when the… » 12/11/09 5:48pm 12/11/09 5:48pm

Walt Mosspuppet: "Gizmodo Makes Me Want to Vomit in My Mouth!"

The latest Mosspuppet video, featuring Muppet Mossberg, includes a not-so-friendly Gizmodo shout-out and more from the sock puppet version of the WSJ's senior tech columnist, Walt Mossberg. [Rant Puppet via Fake Steve, edited-BL] » 7/22/09 10:15pm 7/22/09 10:15pm

Fake Steve Jobs Retiring

Dan Lyons, the man behind Fake Steve Jobs is shutting down the blog: "I know you'll miss FSJ. So will I. But rest assured, Fake Steve is not really going away. He's just taking on a new form. As Jimi Hendrix once said, If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll meet you on the next one, but don't be late."… » 7/09/08 4:22pm 7/09/08 4:22pm

Yahoo Still Yanging Onto Microsoft Deal

Yahoo founder and beleaguered CEO Jerry Yang decided yesterday that it was Microsoft's fault that the merger talks fell apart, even though Microsoft upped its bid from $31 to $33 in order to keep negotiations going. Yang wanted $37 per share—a far cry from the $24.37 it dropped to when Microsoft walked. Bottom line:… » 5/06/08 9:35am 5/06/08 9:35am

FSJ Shutdown Drama Both Fake and Real

Fake Steve confirmed that his "talks with Apple" about shutdown were fake, in a roundabout way, but slightly more direct for those not quick enough to get it the first time. [Fake Steve] » 12/25/07 10:55pm 12/25/07 10:55pm

Video: Jobs Says "Fake Steve" is "Pretty Funny" and Other…

You like the Steve Jobs? You hate the Steve Jobs? We gave you the textier version yesterday, now here's a clip of his All Things D appearance, in full technicolor moving picture, for you to comment on in your own special way. » 5/31/07 8:24am 5/31/07 8:24am