Are Gadgets Getting Plainer or Will Crazy Hardware Design Come Back? The Experts Speak

We all know minimalism is currently king in the gadget design world. Fancy shapes, switches and knobs have been eschewed in favor of clean and simple designs that take a backseat to interface. So we asked Fake Steve Jobs, Bruce Sterling, Daniel Will-Harris and Yves Behar whether or not they thought there would be a… »7/22/08 3:00pm7/22/08 3:00pm

Real Fake Steve Jobs Mock Turtleneck, Made from Cotton, Not Harvested Chest Hair of Sacked Apple Engineers

There are three important differences between this turtleneck and those his Steveness actually wears: First, it is slightly cheaper (we suspect). Second, it has the words "Hello my name is Fake Steve Jobs" printed in large, friendly letters on a fake name tag on its front. »2/19/08 7:05am2/19/08 7:05am

Afternoon News: Dark Knight Tomatoes, Woz's Odor, Shopping With Microsoft and More

• In 1950, a guy who cuts a tomato in half and finds its center bears resemblance to the Batman logo laughs and eats it. In 2008, he sells it on eBay. [eBay]
• Fake Steve says "There's something in the air" is really just a joke about Woz's gas problems. That's the best guess I've heard yet. [FSJ]
• Microsoft is… »1/14/08 4:00pm1/14/08 4:00pm

Sadly, the iBoob Breast Implant MP3 Player Won't be Fast-Tracked by Fake Steve Jobs

Fake Steve Jobs, aka Forbes Editor Dan Lyons, may regard the tongue-in-cheek idea of a breast implant MP3 player as "shameful sexploitation"—but if it actually existed, it could be the next big thing for Apple. Associating breasts with your brand always means cash money. Plus, it beats the hell out of the iPod Pillow.… »12/18/07 4:16pm12/18/07 4:16pm

I Honor the Place Where the MARK Bookmark and I Become One

Avnish Gautam has designed an amazing concept bookmark that lights up at night and covers the area you're reading. The MARK uses flexible OLED technology on a thin piece of plastic to illuminate the reading area to your preferred brightness. I know when I'm reading the Fake Steve Jobs book, the only thing that… »11/05/07 2:26pm11/05/07 2:26pm