Leaked Barge Video Reminds SpaceX How Close To Perfect The Landing Was

By now, you’ve probably heard that SpaceX’s third attempt at landing a rocket on a drone barge met the same watery fate as numbers one and two. And, you’ve probably seen the long-distance video of the landing attempt. But to rub just a little more salt in Elon Musk’s wound, here’s the leaked video shot from the barge… »4/16/15 10:09pm4/16/15 10:09pm

Crazy Novint Falcon Touch Controller Gets Official EA Support, Maybe Worth Buying

I messed around with Novint's Falcon haptically endowed globe/joystick at Tokyo Game Show last year. It was neat, but not going to replace my mouse—in part because game support was lacking. Now it'll be supported in real, live games from EA: Madden NFL 08, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, Need For Speed ProStreet, Battlefield… »4/07/08 11:45am4/07/08 11:45am

Novint Upgrades the Falcon Controller With Black Version, Pistol Grip Accessory

Novint's Falcon 3D Haptic Joystick has been around for awhile now, but it has just received an upgrade in the form of a black version and an optional pistol grip accessory for FPS gaming. At $19.99, the grip is a little more expensive than the $4 price tag they hinted at last May, but if you are already paying $199… »2/20/08 8:25pm2/20/08 8:25pm

Pentagon Drops $100 Million on Instant Global Strike Weapon

The Pentagon doesn't care where on earth those freedom hatin' terrists are, they want to be able to blow them up. That's why they're spending $100 million on the Falcon project, a weapon that could strike anywhere on the planet in less than 2 hours after being launched from the United States. Similar programs have… »11/13/07 1:11pm11/13/07 1:11pm

Rumor: XBox 360 "Jasper" Motherboard Set For 8/08 Release

According to Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News, Microsoft is developing a new motherboard codenamed "Jasper." The upgrade promises to shrink the ATI graphics chip to 65nm and reduce the size of the memory chips as well. If true, this could reduce build costs and the heat problems that have plagued the 360. Although… »10/10/07 5:50pm10/10/07 5:50pm