Why The Sky Isn't Falling On SpaceX After Yesterday's Rocket Explosion

Yesterday morning, an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 v. 1.1 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded shortly after launch. While this is a setback to SpaceX, we have to view it in the context of a series of failures that have plagued commercial spaceflight in the last year. » 6/29/15 3:59pm 6/29/15 3:59pm

Watch a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Make Another Launch Attempt (Update)

The original launch of SpaceX's redesigned Falcon 9 rocket was planned for just a few days ago on Monday—but that mission was scrubbed at the last minute due to a technical glitch. It was sad for those who tuned in at the beginning of the week to watch the livestream, but the good news is that right now SpaceX is … » 11/28/13 5:55pm 11/28/13 5:55pm

Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Undergo Performance Anxiety With the Whole…

They say the first time never lasts as long as you'd want. Yesterday's failed SpaceX Falcon 9 launch is no exception. Watch the rocket tremble with anticipation and light its load, only to have its performance cut short at the last second. It's okay, Falcon, we've all been there. [AP YouTube via The Atlantic] » 5/20/12 3:00pm 5/20/12 3:00pm

SpaceX Falcon 9: The Future of Commercial Space Flight Blasts Off…

Until just a few years ago, manned spaceflight was the exclusive sandbox of not just nations, but of the world's select superpowers—the countries with enough disposable income to say, "F-ck it. Let's go to the Moon." Those days are over, sadly, slowly smothered by shrinking budgets and realigning priorities. » 5/18/12 1:20pm 5/18/12 1:20pm