December 18th
Perhaps you've heard about this little movie that James Cameron has been cooking up for the last few years. Sam Worthington heads up a cast that includes sci-fi grand dame Sigourney Weaver and new It Girl Zoe Star Trek Saldana, along with a CGI cast of hundreds. The footage shown at Comic-Con made…



November 6th
The Box
Don't press the button! Don't press the but- Oh. Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly gathers James Marsden and Cameron Diaz for this uber-Twilight Zone story about a mysterious stranger who offers the end to a couple's woes as long as they agree to press a button on a box... that'll kill a…


October 2nd
Toy Story/Toy Story 2 in 3-D
Do these movies count as sci-fi? We're not sure, but we love them so much that we're going to make the "There's a toy spaceman and toy aliens, so sure, whatever" argument and point out that Pixar's two early classics are getting a re-release in new 3-D, double-bill fashion. We…