Sony Xross Fade Dual iPod DJ Dock Is Wiggity Wack

The $500 Xross Fade DJ system is Sony's hard-to-pronounce dual iPod dock kit for mixing songs. It may have some rad-looking bass reflex speakers and dual subwoofers, but it's unfortunately gimped as far as DJ features go—you can cue and crossfade between songs, a technology straight outta 2005 »8/21/08 10:30pm8/21/08 10:30pm and something you could…

How to Disable the App Store Kill Switch Using Your Jailbroken iPhone

Stephen Colbert spoke »8/17/08 8:00pm8/17/08 8:00pm, and the people listened: The kill switch that lets Apple on your iPhone can be disabled with the push of a button. All you need is a and the updated BossPrefs app found on Cydia. Simply choose "Disable Apple App Killswitch" in BossPrefs and Bob Barker that puppy into oblivion. This isn't the…

Nikon D90 Coming in Early September? Or is it the D3X? Or BOTH??

Nikon has been sending out press invites for an event on September 3rd. What could they possibly want to talk about just a few weeks before Germany's Photokina expo? It could be Nikon's sequel to their D80, the D90. Or, it could be the 24.4-megapixel D3x that was spotted in Nikon firmware. Or, in a slight breach of… »7/17/08 2:58pm7/17/08 2:58pm