Seth MacFarlane Made a Christmas Album And It's Actually Very Good

Technically, right now is the exact moment when the few of us who genuinely love Christmas music can flip the switch on the carols, firing up the jingle jangle jingle with reckless abandon. Should you be one of those people, I have an album all ready for you to blast at top volume. And the dude who made it? Also… »11/27/14 9:00pm11/27/14 9:00pm


Take a sneak peek at The Simpsons vs Family Guy crossover episode

This fall The Simpsons is going to have its first big crossover in almost 20 years, when the cast of Family Guy visits Springfield. It's going to be the second time ever in which characters from other animation series appear in full capacity in the longest running sitcom in American TV history. »7/28/14 10:29pm7/28/14 10:29pm

Family Guy Gives Voice to Your Longstanding Evite Hatred

Where would we be without Evite? Probably right where we are now! There are a bajillion other, better ways to invite friends to things online (like saaaaay, Facebook). But the fact that nobody's used the world's most annoying online RSVP service in years doesn't stop Family Guy from dishing out a good ol' fashioned… »4/02/12 9:40am4/02/12 9:40am

Why is Family Guy Playing Above CNN’s Magic Wall on Election Night?

If you are like most Americans tonight, you are probably tuned in to CNN, analyzing everything you see—even those television screens about the Magic Wall. And if you're looking over the wall, you might catch Family Guy »11/04/08 11:15pm11/04/08 11:15pm running on screens above all that red and blue. It wouldn't be the first time we'd catch these guys

Fox's Legal iTunes DVD Rip Works Great, Wastes Plastic

Click to viewAmid all of the MacBook Air hullabaloo, you might have forgotten about the Apple announcement that Fox would begin providing "free" iTunes versions of programs via DVD. The first release was Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest, a Star Wars parody. Being the brave product testers that we are, we tried it… »1/21/08 12:30pm1/21/08 12:30pm

Vudu Adds Fox TV Shows to its VOD Lineup, Kicks off HD Downloading

Starting today in beta, Vudu owners can pay $1.99 a piece for episodes of 24, Family Guy, Firefly and other Fox-produced shows in standard-def video. Today also marks the availability of the Bourne Ultimatum for purchase in high-def. Though the $399 Vudu's signature attribute is immediate viewing of movies, we're told… »12/11/07 11:17am12/11/07 11:17am

Leaked Family Guy Star Wars Scene Shows Slight Computer Knowledge

There's at least one guy on Family Guy that's used a computer in the last five years, as evidenced by this sneak-peek R2-D2 scene from the new season's first episode airing this Sunday. It's a nice clip both to entertain you for 30 seconds on a Thursday afternoon, and to make you look forward to Futurama's return… »9/20/07 5:50pm9/20/07 5:50pm