Colorado Gave Poor Teens Free IUDs and Cut Unintended Pregnancies

Modern IUDs and contraceptive implants are effective, but they’re also expensive. The devices can cost several hundred dollars, and they have to be inserted by a trained physician, adding additional fees for doctor’s visits and checkups. Those financial barriers can keep low income women from taking advantage of these… »7/08/15 3:04pm7/08/15 3:04pm

What Should Parents Do With Their Spare IVF Embryos?

When in vitro fertilization was developed in the 1970s, critics of the technique imagined a world a la Aldous Huxley, filled with assembly-line designer babies. It didn’t turn out like that. Instead, the procedure simply gave infertile couples another route to start a family. But it also created a problem that critics »6/22/15 7:28pm6/22/15 7:28pm

There's Better Birth Control Out There. Why Don't Women Hear About It?

Teen birthrates are at an all-time low, but unintended pregnancies among young women are still a serious problem that disproportionately affects low-income families. A new study in The Lancet suggests that more training for healthcare providers could improve contraceptive use for these women. »6/17/15 6:25pm6/17/15 6:25pm