Staggeringly Efficient Bathroom Fan Sucks Out Steam and Stink

The exhaust fan—that rattling, dusty vent hanging about 8 feet above the toilet—is the single most important gadget for the health of a bathroom. It eliminates the steam from a hot shower, helping battle the mold and mildew constantly threatening a bathroom's finishes. The device also helps fix more immediate air… » 3/28/12 12:40pm 3/28/12 12:40pm

Follow Gizmodo's Live Apple Tablet Launch Coverage on Facebook & Twitter

Can't check our liveblog of Apple's Tablet Event tomorrow? Don't worry, we'll be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages with the breaking news. If you're not already a Gizmodo Fan or Follower, getting into it is super easy, just follow the links below: » 1/26/10 10:03pm 1/26/10 10:03pm

Chinavasion Webcam-Fan-In-One Will Blow You Away

Every webcam girl worth her salt knows that there's nothing sexier than the “oh my, is there a breeze in here causing my hair to be all windswept” look, which makes this new accessory from Chinavision absolutely genius. It's a 1.3mp webcam and fan, with both pieces mounted on separate adjustable arms. And in case you… » 11/12/08 11:00pm 11/12/08 11:00pm