Dyson's Bladeless Fans Are Now 75 Percent Quieter

It's been over four years since Dyson introduced a fan that somehow worked without visible blades. And besides releasing a few new models over the years, the company hasn't announced any major updates to its Air Multiplier line since 2009. But it turns out that's because Dyson's engineers were finding clever ways to… » 3/05/14 8:54pm 3/05/14 8:54pm

A Simple Clay Pot Could Replace Your Noisy Air Conditioner

Air conditioners aren't exactly known for being particularly environmentally friendly, but during a scorching summer we're all happy to turn a blind eye. Not Thibault Faverie, though. Perhaps racked by guilt, he's created the Cold Pot, a simple terracotta device that can cool a room using just evaporating water. » 2/05/14 2:40pm 2/05/14 2:40pm

An Inconspicuous Wicker Fan That Blends In With Your Cottage Decor

If you're fortunate enough to have access to a lakeside cottage in the summer, you probably won't lament the fact that air conditioning isn't included. Most of the time, a cool breeze off the lake is all you need to stay comfortable. But on those particularly unbearable days when it feels like the planet's melting,… » 7/23/13 5:00pm 7/23/13 5:00pm

Every Ceiling Fan Should Be a Helicopter Ceiling Fan

If you love yourself, your kid, your house, your life, you should have a helicopter ceiling fan in your house. We've seen aviation inspired ceiling fans before (and even an awesome inverted chopper fan), but this helicopter ceiling fan will always look like it's flying in your room while it's cooling it down. » 4/23/13 1:00am 4/23/13 1:00am

You Should've Seen the Fly Swatter That Made These Insect Wing Fans…

When it comes to design, it's never a bad idea to see what Mother Nature has come up with first. After all, she's had a lot more time to perfect her creations than we have. And what could be a better design to steal for a fan than an insect's wing? It's lightweight and effective at pushing air, and the only tweak… » 3/11/13 2:20pm 3/11/13 2:20pm

Stay Cool But Lost With This Spherical Mapless Globe Fan

Idea International's new Aero Sphere isn't quite poised to shake up the fan industry like Dyson's bladeless offering did. But it still manages to stand out in a boring and crowded market with a spherical teardrop honeycomb design that's as functional as it is eye candy. » 2/21/13 6:40pm 2/21/13 6:40pm

Has an Incrementally Small Technological Advancement Ever Completely…

I just discovered—because I hadn't set foot in my gym, ever, until earlier this week—that the elliptical trainers have BUILT IN FANS. Fans! Right there! In the machine. Fans to blow cool air somewhere in the direction of your sweaty face/neck/chest area, while you run in an elliptical motion, Around The Fur blasting on … » 7/06/12 1:40am 7/06/12 1:40am

Brilliant Spinning Heatsink Cools CPUs 30 Times More Efficiently

Most computers use a two-step process to cool the CPU. First, a heat exchanger pasted to the processor draws the warmth away. And then a combination of a heatsink and fans dissipate it away from the PC. But by merging those two steps into one, this spinning cooler ends up being greater than the sum of its parts. » 6/21/12 1:40pm 6/21/12 1:40pm

An Upside Down Helicopter Makes For One Bad-Ass Ceiling Fan

Wow. We've seen aviation-inspired ceiling fans before, but they're usually just the propeller from an old WWII-era fighter plane. Not a full blown 1:6 scale Hughes/MD 500 helicopter perched upside down on an inverted helipad on your ceiling. » 6/02/12 12:00pm 6/02/12 12:00pm

The Haiku Fan Is Perfect for Your Apartment or Zendo

Your ceiling fan is something you might not think about until it starts creaking in the night, keeping you from sweet sweet slumber. But it should be more than just a thing attached to your ceiling, collecting dust bunnies. The lovely Haiku is equally sleek and functional, a nice way to circulate the air in your home,… » 4/25/12 5:00pm 4/25/12 5:00pm